Transactions can be made by Cashier's Check's, Money Orders, Personal ck's, Paypal, Wire transfers.
Paypal orders will be shipped next day.

First time buyers please read:
Because of  the rapid rate of scam artists, ALL Cashier's Check's, Personal Check's, Money Orders, must clear our bank before shipment. We have had many fake Postal Money Orders, Cashier's Check's sent for payment. Once you establish credit with Usarare we will gladly ship your notes out day of payment arrival.

Return Policy:
Satisfaction is a must. Since day one we have allowed our customers to use our fourteen day no questions asked return privilege. We will also reimburse your shipping charges to have the note sent back to usarare if you are not satisfied with our notes. We are that confident about our grades as well as our notes to make fit best into your collection. All third party graded notes are also used under our return policy. Fourteen days with full satisfaction on everything on our website. Please know that we will not accept any note returned if it's offered to our clients,, or some other outfit. All returns must be retuned in the same order as shipped. Any questions please email

Layaway is offered for any note listed on the website. We will glady take any payment plan that you would like to put together. All we expect is that you pay the note off in a timely matter. Layaway is offered at ZERO percent. Please email usarare if you would to arrange a note for layaway purposes. All layaway payments must be made personal ck, cashier's ck's, money orders. Please no paypal.

Shipping & Insurance:
Everything on the usarare website is absolutely free of charge to be shipped. Here's a detailed look at our shipping services.
Notes are packed very securely. We purchase industrial shipping supplies to ship out our material worldwide. We have never had one incident about the way our notes are packed. Third party notes are encased in a special hard cardboard envelope for shipment. All of our inventory is shipped insured.  Notes ranging from $51.00 to $500,000.00 on the website are fully insured. You will have to sign for your order as everything is insured. Overseas packages are sent registered. These packages sometimes cannot be insured. However they are the safest way to send notes. Email me for more information on overseas shipping.

Under $1000.00 USD.  Notes are shipped FIRST CLASS INSURED.  From the time they leave our office please expect  your order 3 - 4 working days.
Over   $1000.00 USD.  Notes are shipped REGISTERED INSURED. From the time they leave our office expect your order 4-8 working days.

Currency Market:
Please take this into consideration. The currency market is very strong at times. Currency prices do not change yearly, but daily. Usarare sometimes will have a sale on the website, or special. Please just so you know prices are subject to change without notice.         

Quesitons, please email is at any of the below addresses.    Billy Baeder    Greg Mucielli