We consider a low serial number  a note with Six or more Zero's before the serial number. 000000XX ( Under Ten Thousand. ) The first #200 notes are normally destroyed on a block run. Or star note run. The serial #00000002 (non star) is normally used as a test sheet, (After series 1981).  The BEP will stop the press and inspect the sheet.  Proper alignment, ink, plates if there all a go to begin the printing process.  At serial #20000 the press is stopped again. Serial's ending with five or more zero's are also test sheets. 98 percent of the time they are replaced with star notes. The First District printed of each block ending with an (A) Suffix Serial #1 note (non star) is now stored at the BEP since the 2003A Series. With normal printing block runs exceeding 96000000 Million. Finding a serial number under 10000 is very tuff to come by, let alone Gem Uncirculated.
FLASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated  Modern Serial #1 notes were Selling for $3000.00  


2009A$100.00FRNLE00000001D SERIAL #1P.M.G #67EPQSOLD
A complete prize Serial #1 note. Yes,  it's not a 1934 L.G.S $100.00 FRN D1* that traded hands for a $100,000.00 here on this website. Or the 1966 Series $100.00 USN that is being offered for a cool $495,000.00.  It's a non star, Not a USN note either. Instead it's a newly re-designed nex generation serial #1 note on a $100.00. The first to ever be offered anywhere in the collecting community.  From the 1996 Series to the 2006A Series a total of four Serial #1 notes have made there way to the collecting community. March of 1996 is when the Burea of engraving and printing began releasing the Big Head design $100.00. That's almost #20 years! 17 Years we have seen a total of #4.  This blockbuster serial #1 note grades P.M.G #66EPQ  It's the FINEST KNOWN SERIAL #1 on a $100.00 to exist, with a total of #10 now known serial #1 notes on $100.00's since 1928 series small size began.  Embossing, centering, exceptional paper quality. All there. An outstanding bank note that surpasses all modern serial #1 notes ever offered to date.
Notes are pictured below. Please just click on the link to any of the serial numbers you desire. If you would like a back scan we would be more than happy to send it.

Please email us.


2009A$100.00FRNLE00000016D SERIAL #16GEM-CU$450.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000018D SERIAL #18GEM-CU$450.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000020D SERIAL #20GEM-CU$500.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000022D SERIAL #22GEM-CU$500.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000023D SERIAL #23GEM-CU$450.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000024D SERIAL #24GEM-CU$350.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000025D SERIAL #25GEM-CU$350.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000026D SERIAL #26GEM-CU$350.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000028D SERIAL #28GEM-CU$350.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000032D SERIAL #32GEM-CU$325.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000034D SERIAL #34GEM-CU$325.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000036D SERIAL #36GEM-CU$325.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000038D SERIAL #38GEM-CU$325.00BB

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000040D SERIAL #40PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000041D SERIAL #41PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000043D SERIAL #43PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000044D SERIAL #44PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000045D SERIAL #45PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000052D  SERIAL #52PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000057D   SERIAL #57PMG 67 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000058D   SERIAL #58PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000059D   SERIAL #59PMG 67 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000060D   SERIAL #60PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000068D   SERIAL #68PMG 66 EPQ

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000072D   SERIAL #72PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000073D   SERIAL #73PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000075D   SERIAL #75PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000080D  SERIAL #80PMG 66 EPQ$525.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000081D   SERIAL #81PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000082D  SERIAL #82PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000084D  SERIAL #84PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000085D  SERIAL #85PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000087D  SERIAL #87PMG 66 EPQ$365.00

2009A$100.00FRNLE00000090D SERIAL #90PMG 66 EPQ$425.00

Almost a cut sheet. Still the ONLY serial one note known in private hands. The other A1D is locked in a museum.   Pic of  K2B-K3B
FR-7401918$1.00CH-CUK1A-K2A   F.R.B.N OF DALLAS $70,000.00
The first two notes from the sheet printed on the Dallas District.  Rare serial #1 on a large size F.R.B.N.   PIC OF K2A

FR-2004-C1934 L.G.S$10.00P.M.G #58EPQC00000001A PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT$17,500.00
Goes really nice with the $20.00 BELOW. A light green seal early series serial #1. They are just never offered.
FR-2054-C1934 L.G.S$20.00P.M.G #65EPQC00000001A PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT$26,000.00
Early series blockbuster Gem-Unc Light green seal handcut serial #1 Philadelphia District Note. Matches the note below. Light green seal serial #1 notes are rarely ever offered.
FR-1936-F*1995$2.00P.M.G #58EPQF00000003* ATLANTA STAR$2350.00  
1995 Series $2.00 Federal Reserve note coming from the Only STAR note block run printed for 1995 series. (ATLANTA). This first pack was NOT a BEP sovienor print run, pmg noted it on the holder, this was broken up a decade ago with serial numbers #3 to #100 known. It came to light from a bank teller who put some of the pack on eBay.com. Jhon E cash  Currency purchased most of the pack from eBay and sold them off. Serial's #1 an #2 were replaced with common stars inside the pack.  Serial #3 star offered here is the lowest recorded to date from this run. In May of 2015 a serial #1 star in XF condition sold for $17,000.00 on a 2009 Series. Marking the second known serial #1 star on a $2.00 Frn to hit circulation.
Finding this low of a number on a star makes this the cornerstone of a fancy number collection.  The grade keeps it affordable.
FR-16511934A$5.00P.M.G #65EPQJ00000007A$2325.00  
A beautiful high-grade example of the always popular small $5 silver certificate, and with a very low 'Lucy 7' serial number.
FR-16241957A$1.00P.C.G.S #66PPQF00000009A$750.00
57A Series Low single digit silver certificate...  Serial #9.   Blockbuster grade P.C.G.S #66PPQ
FR-3001-E2013$1.00P.C.G.S #66PPQE00000010DHOLD 
Seven zero's showing. A perfect #10.
FR-2050-A1928$5/10/20P.M.G #63-64-66QA00000033A  BOSTON DISTRICT$19,500.00  
Coming from the 3rd sheet printed for all denominations. A Boston trio of notes that were sold back in the Grinnell sale in 1944. Part of the Amon Carter holding's that were sold in 1991. All three grading's are atleast  Choice while the ten stands out at a 66 level. All have exceptional paper quality. A set that comes from one of the tuffest district's to collect. Orlando Florida 2015 "Heritage FUN Sale"  1928 $5.00 FRN A90A- 1928 $10.00 FRN A90A -1928 $20.00 FRN A90A TRIO Sells for $21,000.00. Here's the same set with a lower set of serial numbers.  This set is sold intact as three.

FR-1935-K1976$2.00Superior #40SPQK00000060A$145.00  
Very uncommon low binary number, especially tough on '76 dueces.
FR-3001-E2013$1.00P.C.G.S #66 BOTHE00000099D/E00000100D$425.00 PAIR 
# 99/100 set...  very cool pair
FR-3001-E2013$1.00P.C.G.S#64PPQ (both)E00000999D/E00001000D$425.00  
"Rollover" #'s 999/1000...    these rarely come up for sale as a set as most people break them up.

We also consider a RARE serial number that has not been printed since 1981 Series with Six or more Zero's after the serial number. These notes have not been seen since 1981 Series. Changes from there printing presses resulting in this. Bep printing process will not allow these notes to come forward, they are replaced with star notes within the packs.
FlASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated Modern 10000000 STAR sold for $4000.00
FR-2371923$1.00P.M.G #65EPQE60000000B$2,850.00  
One of the nicest even eight digit million notes we have seen on large. Graded P.M.G #65EPQ A sixty Million serial number. Tuff note to comes across in the fancy serial numbered marketplace.
P.M.G #64EPQ I06000000A
Very impressive and rare # 6 million note.
FR-3001-G 2013
P.M.G #64EPQ
A true trophy note and possibly the first time a # 90 million note has appeared since the early 1980's

Would you call this the Perfect RADAR? Unlikely, but twenty years ago that's what they were called. The serial number ended both ways. Today there call SOLID'S. A Solid serial number must consist of EIGHT digit's being the same.  With 1's , 7's, 8's, 9's , being the most popular. Prices can jump all over. Depending on Denomination, Series. $2.00-$50.00-$100.00 are always in demand.  There tuff to come by. Solid 9's on any denomination of FRN'S is downright RARE. $25,000.00 is the going rate on an FRN.  Semi Solid's are mainly used as either a low serial or if your trying to but a progressive set together 00000333-00003333-00033333.
FLASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated Modern Solid Serial Numbers were selling for $800.00.
FR-1951-G 1928A

Original, Near GEM. The best solid serial number you could want. First solid serial number known on Small Size FRN  Us Currency. Unreal......By far.

One of four known 28 series frn's FOR THE ENTIRE series, All Denomintions...... A rare and historical SOLID SERIAL NUMBER.
FR-1935-D1976$2.00P.M.G #63EPQD22222222A CLEVELAND DISTRICT $SOLD
1976 Series Two dollar Solid 2's.... A note that once appeared in the John Whitney sale in 2004 and then onto the Mel Wilmore Collection. A unique solid 2's. A Bicentinel $2.00 Frn. On record there are about #7 Solid 1's on 1976 to 2013 series. Mike Abramsom currency is currently selling a just recently printed 2013 Series solid 1's for $6000.00. There are three solid 9's that have came out as Bep Products. Three solid 8's as well.  Those notes were special printed issue's by the BEP. This note has been the only solid 2's to come out to date for general circulation. $2.00 Frn's rarely get high production run's such as 77777777. 99999999.  They do not print them as high as often. I believe the reason why we did not see any other solid 's such as more solid 2's is because the BEP would pull this serial ending #2 sheet as a test sheet. This note I believe should of been pulled.
The denomination matches the serial number on this early 76 series note . If you were looking for a standout solid on a $2.00 Frn this one would be it.  I cannot compare any other solid $2.00 on a frn that would be more desirable OR Per say RARER for a 1976 Series $2.00! 

FR-1619* 1957 $1.00 P.C.G.S #50PPQ *66666666A $22,500.00
A mind blowing solid serial number silver certificate star note...  not for the faint of heart.  Only three solid serial number stars (# 22222222, 66666666 - this note, and 77777777) are known on silvers, and this is the finest of them by far.  The # 22222222 is rumored to exist in fact, but hasn't been in the public eye for many years, if ever.  And the # 77777777 is a VF-20 at best.

Big difference between "TRUE LADDERS" and regular ladders. True ladders must end with a 1 or 8.  Forward or backwards. 12345678 or 87654321. Depending on series and denomination $2.00-$50.00-$100.00 can be worth a lot more than $1.00-$5.00-$10.00-$20.00's. Regular ladder serial numbers are 23456789-12345670-07654321. Rare ladders they no longer print this high 98765432 can be worth double the price of a normal ladder. Ladder serial numbers have been saved for over 125 years. William Donlon used a 1928 $2.00 A00000123A for years on his catalogs. Albert A Grinnell carried the two lowest non star serial 123's on 1928 $10.00 and $20.00 Dollar Gold Certificates.
FLASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated "TRUE LADDERS" 12345678  sold for $700.00

Specimen Notes feature ladder serial numbers. They also feature serial 0's. Specimen notes are used overseas for country's to view our currency before it's distributed. Every time there is a signature change, design change on a note,  sheets are made up and shipped out overseas.  Stamped the word specimen in red on the note. Many of these notes make there way back to the states.  The LEGAL specimens are printed on both sides. (Must be less than 1996 series). ILLEGAL specimens are printed on (One Side Only) Blank on one side, many carry the words "specimen non negotiable" on one side. The bep believes these notes that are in collectors hands are STOLEN.  The bep believes that these notes did not carry a (RELEASE DATE). Therefore they are there property and want them back. Usarare Suspects there are #200 or more within the collecting fraternity.  Today these notes are sold privately.
FLASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated Illegal and Legal specimens sold for $12,000 in Public Auction.
FR-16191957$1.00P.M.G #55EPQL12345678A *FULL LADDER*$3500.00
Only about a bakers dozen are known on all silver certificate up/down ladders. This one had exceptional paper quality.


$50.00 T
Matching serial numbers as well as series.

Four digit, three digit, most all of all Two digit Repeaters. The more serial numbers within the serial number that do not match are far less common. Example a four digit serial number 19421942 and three digit 19941994 are very common, worth a few dollars over face value.  Unless it's an early series, $2.00 or a Star. Two digit repeaters are an exception, they are the ones worthy unless it's a rare series, star,  $2.00-$50.00-$100.00 it could be worth $100's of dollars.  These notes are widley used in repeater sets. Starting with 01010101 working there way to 98989898.
FLASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated One Dollar Two Digit 19191919 Repeaters sold for $40.00.
FR-15051928D$2.00GEM-CUD30101010A $300.00
A near repeater serial number on this early series two.
FR-1993-B2009$5.00GEM-CUIB92929292B NEW YORK DISTRICT$115.00
Matching B-B block perfect #92 repeater serial number
FR-1937-I 2003
DOUBLE REPEATER SERIAL ON A $2.00. Excellent gem

The term "RADAR" says it all. A serial number that reads the same forward and backwards. While four digit radars and three digit radars are far less common and found many times in change today on modern day money. Early series, star, or $2.00-$50.00-$100.00 still can be worth a premium today on three and four digit radars. The best and most kept radars are *GEM UNCIRCULATED* and are two digit serial numbers.  Example 000011000 which would be the first radar printed on a block run. Zero and the digit are the most popular today.  Radars have been, and always have been the key to collecting "FANCY SERIAL NUMBERS" 9 times out of 10 your first purchase while collecting fancy serial numbers "RADAR".
FLASHBACK: In 1998 Gem Uncirculated One Dollar Two Digit 611111116 Radars sold for $30.00
FR-1905-C 1969 B
$1.00 P.M.G #64 EPQ C99944999A
Hard to find (no longer printed) hight serial number on a $1, and a very high grade.  You get it all on this one.
5th radar printed...... Perfect radar serial number.

FR-1937-I2003$2.00GEM-CU#10  NOTES I50000001-50000005-50000009A$975.00
Only a few even exist with this super radar serial number. Back in the late 90's I was able to secure a 1976 $2.00 G80000008A FOR $500.00. I know of #4 super radars containing a middle solid zero serial number. That 1976 Series to 2013 Series. A rare duece. It's been a long time since we have achieved another. This is a #10 note run, serial 50000002 was replaced with a common star. Surely a blockbuster set of notes.

Fancy serial numbers, matching serial numbers, seven digits that match. Binary serial numbers that contain nothing but two digits on the serial.
FR-15251928$5.00P.C.G.S #63PPQB66666664A$875.00
Seven staight 6's.... A really nice fancy serial number on this first issued united states note.
Tuff serial number to come across on a USN.  Seven fours. Impressive.  Problem free note
Premium Millennium District set. One of #2000 made by the BEP. This is the 200th printed set. Nothing but 0-2's. An $2.00 Bills.