FR-16001928$1.00P.M.G #63A00000025A---A00000036A  UNCUT SHEET OF #12 NOTES$16,500.00

This sheet which originally came from the estate of former Secretary of the Treasury Andrew William Mellon is the lowest known Silver Certificate uncut sheet. Serial number 12 was sold by Stacks in 1991, the 13-24 sheet has never surfaced nor is there any evidence of it's existence as an intact sheet. Low serial numbers from the A-A block are rarely ever seen. Visually, the sheet is perfect. Wonderful margins are seen along with punch through embossing on every single note. PMG notes "minor edge damage"  We see couple of very minor paper pulls on the top back of the sheet. A rare opportunity to obtain a true piece of history.
FR-16011935F$1.00CH-CUY36984101I -200I    SILVER CERTIFICATE PACK $1375.00

#100 Consecutive silvers in the original BEP BAND. Top note is CU all other others are choice to gem. Decent centering throughout.
FR-1900-C1963$1.00CH/GEM-CUC00215901-000A  PHILADELPHIA DISTRICT$450.00

Early 1963 plain series $1.00 Federal Reserve notes coming from the Phila District. Top and bottom notes have slight handling, pack is very sharp an original.
FR-1907-C1969D$1.00GEM-CUC04006001-100*  PHILADEPHIA DISTRICT  4.1K PRINTED$1475.00

Early series intact pack. Consectutive #100 notes in the original BEP band. Gem-cu notes. Listed in the small size Azpiazu handbook for $35.00 each. 
E10707338C, 339C, 340C   all signed with personalized letter from Francine Neff

Incredible hand signed and personalized Francine Neff letter and 3 consecutive signed notes; a truly unique item.
FR-1923-A1995$1.00GEM-CUA42639901-A42640000C BOSTON DISTRICT WEB-PRESS PACK  6.4K PRINTED$1350.00

1995 Series web-press pack.This pack is from the A-C BLOCK.  Run 1/10.  Priced at $30.00 each in the small size Azpiazu handbook. Serial ending #9999 replaced with a common 1995 $1.00 Frn Star.
FR-19361995$2.00GEM-CU A-L DISTRICT SET SAME SERIAL 20000200*$1500.00

Premium Millennium District set. One of #2000 made by the BEP. This is the 200th printed set. Nothing but 0-2's. An $2.00 Bills.
FR-1939-K2009$2.00GEM-CUK00158201*-300*  DALLAS DISTRICT     512K PRINTED$700.00

#100 in count Bep Banded 2009 Series $2.00 Frn's coming from the Dallas District. This short star production run contain's a total of #512 thousand. These notes have sold for $100.00 each when they first came to the maket place. These packs have trended  recently for over a $1000.00 dollars each,  Lovely GEM-CU pack.
FR-1939-K2009$2.00GEM-CUK00213501-600* DALLAS DISTRICT     512K PRINTED $700.00

#100 in count Bep Wrapped 2009 Series $2.00 Frn's coming from the Dallas District. A short run of #512k printed. With the 1995 Series hitting over a $1000.00 a pack these will likely be a bargain at $700.00. Gem Uncirculated notes.
10 Rupees
000001-000100  * # 1 PACK *

Continuing its excellence in bringing you low serial number packs, and piggy backing off the amazing 2009A $100 USA FRN 00000001-00000100 pack that we are now offering for the first time anywhere, USARARE can proudly now say "Yes, we do foreign."  While this serial #1 pack from India may not have the panache of the 2009A pack, it is a cool item nevertheless and can be had for a fraction of the cost.

Who knows where and when this was made...  cool nevertheless.